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The Future of Health Care is Here!

Care Free Now provides a variety of healthcare services to their customers at NO Cost to the customer.

CGX - Screening to detect genetic risks for cancer.

Carrier Gene Screening - Detect risk of passing on potential genetic mutations.

Unique healthcare options - be freed from the clutches of traditional insurance options!

Windfall and Patient Reimbursements of up to $680,000 available through TORT and injury settlements!

And More!

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Remember, all of these healthcare services are provided to the customer at NO Cost.

All you have to do is register for FREE, fill out a short questionnaire about your health, and then you will get a list of the services you qualify for.

One of our physicians will review your medical history using our Electronic Health Records platform to determine your testing needs. Once you have been approved, Your kit will be mailed to you. You swab according to the enclosed instructions. Then mail the kit to the lab fulfillment center for analysis. Lab results are uploaded into our Electronic Health Record platform. A board certified physician or genetic counselor is provided to discuss the results.

Easy Peasy!

To Your Health!
John Smith




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