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If you purchased a MEASLY $100 worth of Bitcoin when it first came out you would now be a Multi-Millionaire!

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Karatbars International was founded in 2011. We're a huge success in the USA and across the GLOBE .... and growing every day!

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GOLD is the only reliable currency and it's value keeps going up and Up and UP!

GOLD-BACKED CRYPTOCURRENCY is a universe of economic opportunities that anyone can participate in.

We are putting the physical gold into the vault to back our coins!

Nothing else like it...CRYPTONIZED GOLD!

Unlike many other utility tokens, our coin has been designed to be a crypto asset backed by a certain tangible amount of GOLD.

As a result, the long-term stability of the coin is assured by its GOLD collateral.


Sounds ridiculous....but its not!
Imagine a company with a proven business model that:

Has been established for 7 successful years.
Has 500,000+ happy affiliates and customers
in 120+ countries.
A product that cannot be bettered or improved on.
No monthly fee's, auto-ships or subscriptions.
Pays commissions EVERY Friday morning at any ATM!

This is your OPPORTUNITY to invest in GOLD-BACKED Cryptocurrency.
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