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Natural Shilajit Resin


Natural Shilajit Resin

100% Plant-Based
Ionic Minerals


Shilajit is popularly referred to as the “Destroyer of Weaknesses”. This resin has a wide array of therapeutic benefits and is used all around the world as a panacea for almost every health problem.

* Improves Health!
* Anti-aging!
* Detox Your Body!
* Increases Energy and Stamina!
* Anxiety and Mood Stabilizer
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It is very rich in many nutrients such as humic acid and fulvic acid as well as many other micronutrients. Fulvic acid, is an integral carrier molecule of bioactive substances in several transport systems, while Humic acid helps improve physical and mental health.

In recent years, scientists have found small amounts of Dibenzo Alpha Pyrones (DBPs) in Shilajit. DBP is an important biomolecule that helps restore and maintain the normal functioning of the mitochondria (the cell’s powerhouse), thus boosts energy (ATP) production.

Shilajit resin is also rich in trace elements such as calcium, iron, zinc, copper, manganese and magnesium which also contribute significantly to your healthy lifestyle!

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